here's what's up:

there used to be a journal here! but it sucked so now there's not. it's music. here's what i've been listening to lately!

  • SHINY SHINY by HAYSI FANTAYZEE - it's a terrible, fun, stupid, bouncy, catchy song. i love it.
  • RIVER by KING TRIGGER - this music video was on the max headroom show once, also a bouncy and catchy tune. i checked out their (only) album, SCREAMING, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • SOLO BAGPIPE MUSIC - what's there to say? 10/10.
  • 22/12/2022
  • COMPUTER WORLD by KRAFTWERK - second best album of 1981!
  • MINI MINI MINI by KMFDM - it's a real banger. better than the original. sorry jacques dutronc.
  • FALLOUT SOUNDTRACK by MARK MORGAN - alright, so i've never played the original fallout, but i've played new vegas which reuses tracks from it, and it's excellent. Anyway. i'm pretty sure a flute(?) sample 26 seconds into Second Chance was also in this one episode of the X files i watched. probably from some collection of sound effects for film scores.
  • 3/2/2023
  • KAJAGOOGOO - stupid name, stupid band, and they didn't last very long, but i've been into them for a few years so i'll defend them with my life idgaf. they are very special to me. and they have some pretty catchy synth riffs and basslines (check out their one hit TOO SHY when you get the chance, sound of the summer). moving on...
  • ROSEMARIE (7" VERSION?) by HUBERT KAH - NDW... i like it. that is all.
  • 6/7/2023
  • EFFECTOR by DOWNLOAD - ambient-techno similar to aphex twin in its construction i'd say, because i don't listen to many other electronic artists. i do also love their more experimental and industrial earlier albums. funny enough, they're an offshoot of SKINNY PUPPY, which is a band i don't listen to.
  • DRY LUNGS - A COMPILATION OF INDUSTRIAL MUSIC FROM AROUND THE WORLD - speaking of industrial music, here's a real mouthful of a title. it was featured on a post-punk industrial music blog i follow and the name intrigued me so of course i had to check it out. harsh, grating, very evocative.
  • SCRITTI POLITTI - cool band that went from punk to sickly sweet commercial pop to hip hop over the course of their discography. green gartside is totally hot too. don't tell him i said that.
  • 26/4/2024 - good god, i haven't been here in ages!
  • III by DOWNLOAD - post-industrial-ambient-techno or something along those lines
  • THE BLOW MONKEYS - slick, sleazy, intelligent pop, saxophone and all, with a handsome frontman to swoon over. oh, and their music is pretty good too i guess. i mean yeah that's totally what i'm focused on and NOT their looks (snopes fact check: TRUE)
  • TOO DARK PARK by SKINNY PUPPY - RE: previous entry: i do listen to them now.
  • IMAGINATION (post-disco funk and soul trio) - or i would, more often, if it weren't so difficult to track down information and music by them, with such a common name. and i did once watch an episode of doctor who because leee john (yes, 3 E's) was in it.
  • TRIFECTA (jazz-fusion trio) - those damned common mononyms strike again, this time with a current act. and prog-flavoured. jazz fusion, or "Fission! It’s like Fusion but less efficient and more dangerous... with fallout" as described by nick beggs, a name one may recognise from KAJAGOOGOO though nick would most likely whack me upside the noggin for saying the K-word. apologies.